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High and low temperature walk-in test chamber is widely used in automotive, aerospace and defense components automotive parts, electronic components, plastic, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and related products of heat resistance and cold resistance test for large parts industry. Semi-finished products, finished products of large temperature and humidity the test environment of space are suitable for testing of the product quantity, large volume of test equipment.

Product usage:

Shanghai linpin instrument stock co.,ltd produce the walk-in test chamber to meet user requirements for large volume test space and design and the structure can be divided into the overall welding and assembling. Among them, there are more than thirty kinds of sizes and sixteen types of refrigeration units can be matched with each other. If they still can not meet your requirements, Shanghai linpin instrument stock co.,ltd can be specially designed for you. Step - box test box can be used to test large parts, components and whole machine products, from the computer, copy machine to the vehicle and machine, can also be used as a test environment to test food, drug storage life. To meet the high temperature test, low temperature test, high and low temperature impact test, constant temperature and humidity testing requirements; performance testing is widely used in material testing, electronic appliances, automobile performance test of aerospace light field equipment;

Test method:

1. temperature cycle test

The temperature change rate of the step type test chamber can meet the requirements of the environment and the stress screening test.

2. storage and transport test

Walk-in test chamber can simulate the status of your product during the storage and transportation to detect the performance of the product.

3. electronic device test

Walk-in test chamber can simulate harsh environment to detect the reliability of electronic products. For example, in low humidity conditions, to influence the detection of electrostatic products, whether in short circuit detection products under high temperature conditions.

4.  automobile test

Walk-in test chamber can simulate different environment. For making a correct assessment of the performance and service life of the car, many automotive manufactures will test the whole vehicle and accessories.

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