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Dust test chamber consist of test box and auxiliary equipment. Auxiliary equipment is used to ensure and control the air duct of a given section, according to the working condition of blowing sand and dust, the required concentration of sand and dust, wind speed, temperature,sand and gas solid flow.

  1) To ensure the adequate circulation in the box full of dust, samples’ cross sectional area should not exceed 50% of the box cross sectional area and samples’ volume also should not exceed 30% of the box available volume.

  2) Test chamber should match with corresponding device to keep and check the dust concentration. In China, dust concentration measurement mainly depends on weighing method which is reliable but it last long time and can not measure the dust concentration or export electric signal continuously. Therefore, user can adopt some intelligent instrument and computer to monitor in real time. Not only sure the dust concentration accuracy ,but also monitor the dust concentration in real time.

  3) Continuously gauge the wind speed, temperature and relative humidity during the test and measurement of the sensor placement should avoid the direct impact of sand containing dust and air resulted in damage. If necessary, please add some protection device to keep out.

  4) Dust leakage is the one of the most important techniques for dust test chamber. Thus, it needs good sealing performance and dust leakage should meet the environment protection standard.

  5) Air flow could be closer than laminar flow before running to the sample and dust could levitate in the airflow. Due to the corrosion of dust, do not make dust flow to the fan and air conditioner.   

  6) The test chamber can ensure that temperature and humidity within box could meet the demands of technical standard with function of heat,cool and dehumidification. Interior material should have function of friction resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-static .

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