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Summary: Walk-in constant temperature and humidity  test chamber is a kind of massive test equipment of simulation environment which structure is simple but should be careful. Next, I will introduce the structure and material.

1Material: Adopt color steel rock wool board or internal clamp fiber insulation layer for exterior.
2Insulation layer: There is insulation layer that always use fiber insulation layer or polyurethane foam in 10mm between color steel rock and stainless steel rock.
3Heating and cooling: It is easy for heating because it always select the nickel cadmium alloy fin heating tube. Power depends on the size of walk-in test chamber. Others, manufacture always choose Bitzer compressor and imported
brand as cooling accessories.
4、Power supply and fan: 380V three phase supply. Power rely on the size of chamber and power supply must be independent so that can match with the long axis of the centrifugal fan, strong convection vertical diffusion, to achieve uniform distribution of internal temperature.
5、Air duct: Air duct is made of the SUS304 which aim to uniform distribution of internal temperature and discharge the waste water. Always choose the split blast.
6、Sample holder: Also named aging holder or test holder. There are multi-layer structure or single layer structure, stainless steel or full plastic production.
7、Humidification: Adopt water tank humidification and equipped with humidification bulb. There are several forms including evaporation humidification.
8、Dehumidification: There are two kinds of dehumidification ways including cooling dehumidification and mechanical dehumidification. Mechanical dehumidification need expensive fee applied to dehumidification lower than 20%.
9、.Temperature and humidity sensor: Electronic sensor can measure the accurate temperature every corner. Uniformity range within the ±5℃ is qualified.
10、Control system adopts Korea or Siemens and every operation can be set in the interface. Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber is one of our products and there are lots of other reliable test equipment including high and low temperature test chamber, programmable high and low temperature humidity test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, UV weather resistance test chamber, xenon lamp test chamber.

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