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Shanghai Lenpure UV weather resistance test chamber

UV weathering chamber can simulate the harm caused by the sun, the test chamber using fluorescent UV lamp simulation of the effect of sunlight, the test material is placed in the light of a certain temperature for testing. UV aging test machine in a few days or weeks to reproduce the outdoor months or years of the hazards. Hazard types include: fading, discoloration, loss of gloss, powder, cracking, spalling, opacity, bubbles, brittleness, reduced strength, decay and oxidation
Humidity simulation of Shanghai Lenpure UV weather resistance test chamber 
The water at the bottom of the wet simulation laboratory is used to heat the steam,because of the special test specimen holder design of UV test chamber , The test sample actually forms the side wall of the test room, and the other side of the sample holder is exposed to the surrounding air. There is different temperature environment from the specimen holder two side and creates a condensation cycle where the liquid form slowly condenses on the surface of the specimen. In addition, the condensation process is carried out at a relatively high temperature (typically 50 ° C),which greatly accelerates wet erosion. Long-term thermal coagulation cycles in a UV frequency weathering chamber are used to simulate outdoor wet erosion more effective than some other methods such as splashing, soaking or high humidity.
Application of Lenpure UV weather resistance test box
The world's most widely used weathering tester has been put into use around the world. It has become the world standard of accelerated weathering test in laboratory. It meets the standards and national standards of ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, SAE, BS, ANSI, GM, U.S.GOVT and so on