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Box Type Rain Test Chamber

Box Type Rain Test Chamber is applied for testing of auto lamp, wiper, waterproof strip, waterproof performance of the locomotive meter and low voltage electrical appliances protection. 
Box Type Rain Test Chamber accordance with the shell protection grade of low-voltage electrical
GB/T4942.2-1993 and the shell protection grade(IP code) GB4208-2008、 GB/T10485-2007 national standards technical parameters.
Programmable Box Type Rain Test Chamber is mainly used for the protection of the shell protection grade IP5X and IP6X. suitable for all kinds of auto parts for dust and dust resistance test. Test parts include lights, instrument, electrical dust cover, steering system, door locks, etc., and test the product seal .
Box Type Rain Test Chamber is abnormal during testing,it should immediately stop operation and then inspect the equipment,after find out the reasons and solve the fault before you can continue to test.
1. Firstly, please whether there is sufficient water tank before the equipment in operation. If not please (must be filled Pure water, distilled water or deionized water), so as to avoid damage to the pump;
2. If hear different sound during running,please stop check, to be resolved after the failure to re-boot, so as not to affect the equipment life.
3.If the equipment running for a long time, such as the discovery of water holes blocked, you mustremove the lines must be washed with tap water and then fitted;
4.The equipment is stop working, drain off all water in the humidifying water tray and water loop pipes to kept dry ;   
5. The prohibition of chemical contact equipment; 
6.Check the circuit control system before starting each time;
7.Check the power and ground wire; It is connected properly according to specifications, and indeed the ground;  
8.The wastewater discharge system of the equipment must be installed in place;
9.Cut off the power after the end of test;
10.Take out the sample after every time test, and clean the test area;
11.The equipment should be conducted by professional personnel to operate.

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