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Linpin Instrument Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi General Engineering Technology School jointly build

Recently, Shanghai Linpin Instrument Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi General Engineering Technology School signed a cooperation agreement for joint construction of employment practice bases in Shanghai. The Linpin and the Jiangxi General Engineering Technology School jointly established an efficient team of theory and practice, reached a consensus through the "production, study and research" talents cooperative training model to create innovative engineering and technical personnel, and innovated various measures to solve student internship and employment.
Jiangxi General Engineering and Technology School was founded in August 1958. At that time, it was called the Yunshan Branch of the Jiangxi Communist Labor University, (the former school of today’s Jiangxi Agricultural University). In August 1980, the school was restructured and renamed the Jiangxi Provincial Reclamation School. In May 1998, it was renamed Jiangxi General Technical Engineering School. In the past 58 years, more than 80,000 talents at all levels have been trained for the society. Party leaders Zhu De, Wang Zhen, Xiao Ke, Wang Dongxing, and Shao Shiping visited the school several times. Inspecting and guiding the work, foreign friends of the United States, such as Anna Luis Strong, visited the school.
Now it is the first batch of national demonstration schools for the reform and development of secondary vocational education. It is an advanced unit of national vocational education, a national exemplary computer training base, a modern agricultural technology training base in Jiangxi Province, and a farmer entrepreneurship training base.
The school covers an area of 2230 mu, of which the campus area is 458 mu, the forest area is 1650 mu, the farmland orchard area is 180 mu, the construction area is 98,000 square meters, and the teaching and living facilities are complete; there are ecological agriculture, garden plants, In-school teaching and training bases such as computers, numerical control molds, and vehicle maintenance; through the introduction of enterprise and school-enterprise docking, more than 30 companies have established productive practical training bases and off-campus practical training bases.