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Working principle and Test Standard of Rain Test Box

Rain test chamber is suitable for the protection of outside lamps and signalling devices, as well as the shell of automotive lamps and lanterns. It can provide lifelike analog electronic products and their components during transportation and use of possible exposure to water and spray testing and other environments to achieve the detection of the waterproof performance of various products.

It is meet the following test standards:
GB/T4942.2-2008 Protection grade of low voltage electrical apparatus shell 
GB4208-2008  Shell protection level (IP code))
GB/T 10485-2007 Environmental durability of external Lighting and Light signalling for Road vehicles
QC-T_636-2000 Automotive electric glass hoist
GB T 2423.38-2005 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products-part 2: methods of test R 
GB 10485-1989 (Basic environmental testing of external lighting devices for automobiles and trailers)
GB4942-2006 Protection level of integral structure of rotating motor
GB_T 19183(Mechanical structures for electronic equipment - Outdoor enclosures - Part 3: Environmental requirements, tests and safety aspects)
The rain test box is equipped with water filter, which makes the test water more clean , and plays a good role in the test and the results.