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What are the reliability test items for environmental testing equipment?

There are different environments in which the product is used. Some are installed outdoors, some are portable, some are on board, some are mounted on aircraft, etc.,And it Will be subject to stress in different environments. Some are wet by wind and rain, others are subject to vibration and fall, some are eroded by salt spray, some are subject to dust storms and so on; To make sure that the product works in these environments. National standards and other standards require products to simulate test items in environmental methods, including:

1、High Temperature Test(High Temperature operation, High Temperature storage);
2、Low Temperature Test(Low Temperature operation, Low Temperature storage);
3、High And Low Temperature Test(Temperature Cycle Test, Thermal Shock Test);
4、High Temperature High Damp Test(Damp heat storage, hot and humid cycle);
5、Mechanical vibration test (random vibration test, swept frequency vibration test);
6、Vehicle transport test (analog transport test, collision test);
7、Mechanical impact testing;
8、Switch electric test;
9、Power supply pull-off test;
10、Cold start test;
11、Salt spray test;
12、Rain spray test;
13、Sand & Dust Test;

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