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Analysis of spray failure problems and precautions in cyclic salt spray test chamber

When using the cyclic salt spray test chamber for a long time, it will encounter spray failure problems. When it happens, we should analyze the spray problems and precautions of the composite salt spray test chamber one by one.

The main causes of the spray in the compound salt spray test chamber are: nozzle clogging, air compressor without pressure, pressure gauge is broken, solenoid valve is broken, hose is aging, mainly for the following elimination method, and etc.
1. First check the power supply, check the water level of the test box, whether the water level of the saturated water tank is normal, you can solve it by moisturizing
2. In addition, if the time relay has reached the set time, it can be reset by pressing the clear switch of the time relay. Then check the pressure gauge before and after the pressure. Solution: If the air compressor is not damaged, try to adjust our pressure regulator to no response, the pressure gauge on the back has a pressure of 2 kg, and the front gauge has a pressure of 1 kg, indicating that the pressure gauge is good.
2. If there is pressure on the back pressure gauge and there is no pressure on the front pressure gauge, the elimination method may be damage to the front pressure regulating valve. Solenoid valves that control the spray may also be damaged.
We can remove the nozzle and see if the nozzle is clogged. Remedy: If the nozzle is clogged, we can use an air compressor to blow it off or use soft feathers.
The precautions for the compound salt spray test chamber are divided into:
1. According to the amount of spray settlement, it is necessary to check the water level of the saturator, the water level is strictly below the warning line.
2. Check that the brine concentration and water level meet the standards.
3. It is strictly forbidden to add brine and distilled water.
4. Check the intake pressure and cleanliness of the compressed air. Pay attention to the working condition of the water separator. If it is blocked, remove the obstacles in time.
5. Check the smoothness of the exhaust pipe and drain pipe.
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