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Cause of error in salt spray test chamber

Salt spray test chamber could evaluate the anti-corrosion ability material, material layer and some products, and could make a comparison about the product techniques and quality of similar layer and products.
However, the high-precision equipment does not ensure 100% accuracy during the test. Because there are error value during the test we can not avoided..
However, what caused the data value difference?
We can get the following reasons based on the test feedback provided by the customer:
1. Errors caused by Instrument
Some errors have been caused due to the imperfections in design, manufacture, and verification, and the deterioration of the components of the test chamber during use, the wear and fatigue of mechanical parts, and fatigue. At the same time, all kinds of various auxiliary equipment or accessories could cause errors.
2. Errors caused by the environment and operators
Due to the error caused by inconsistency between the actual environmental conditions and specified conditions, the most important environmental factors are temperature, power supply voltage and electromagnetic interference.
3. Errors caused by the instability of the test sample
The salt spray test takes a certain amount of time. If the test sample is unstable and changes during the test time, although salt spray test chamber with good performance, we still cannot obtain the correctly test data.
4. Errors caused by the test methods
Methods of operation refer to a set of theoretical applications and practical operations involved in the implementation of the test based on the inherent principles. When the equipment is tested according to the theory which is not strict and the operation is not reasonable, and the calculation results using approximate formula or the approximate value of the test results will also cause test error.
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