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Standard for judging quality of salt spray test chamber

 Salt spray test chamber is one of the three prevention series of artificial environment, which mainly simulates the damage and breakage caused by the ocean surrounding climate to product and equipment.
Industrial products such as galvanized coating electronic electrician zipper buttons are divided into neutral test, acid test and alkaline test.
Salt spray test chamber quality standards:
Because the high requirements of salt spray test chamber for the high temperature and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, so the fundamental reason for determining the quality of its quality in the choice of production materials, therefore, we can from the following aspects for reference:
1.The requirements of material performance
It includes physical properties, mechanical properties, mechanical properties, fatigue properties, stiffness, impact resistance, etc.
2.The shape and size of the product
Shape and size have an important influence on the production cost of manufacturing process and assembly process, especially on the quality.
3.The manufacture procedure of the product
Material selection determines the manufacturing process of products and plays an important role in the production cost and environmental impact.
4.The cost of the product
The cost of material selection not only refers to the cost of purchase, but also plays a decisive role in the quality of material manufacturing cost recovery cost.
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