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The reason of short life span and accelerated aging of high and low temperature test chambe

If the high and low temperature test chamber is normally used, its life is generally about 5 to 10 years, but some test chambers do not work without normal life. In fact, there are many reasons for its early retirement, here are a few reasons we found:
1. Ambient temperature: because the operation of the equipment will produce high temperature and make the ambient temperature rise, at this time it will increase the intensity of light and damage degree, so in the work of the equipment to grasp the temperature range.
2. Ambient light: the structural materials of different products of the high and low temperature test chamber have different light intensity, so the appearance of the material should be considered when buying, the general equipment is SUS304 stainless steel processing.
3. Ambient humidity, moisture, rain, dew, etc. These are the causes of equipment damp, formed by the moisture is the main factor of outdoor humidity dew, dew the damage is greater than the rain, because it is attached to the material for longer periods of time, cause more severe moisture absorption, so want to consider when installing ventilation.
As can be seen from the above points, the main factors leading to the short life and aging of the high and low temperature test chamber are ambient temperature, ambient light, and ambient humidity. Therefore, it is suggested that customers should place the equipment in a constant temperature, dry and non-direct sunlight environment.
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