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Maintenance method of walk-in test chamber

In order to make the walk-in test chamber run safely and without failure,regular inspection and maintenance can not only solve problems in time but also keep the system in the best working condition.
1. The walk-in test chamber must be operated and maintained by a special person.Strictly abide by the operating procedures of the system, to avoid others violating the operating system.
2. A user record should be established to facilitate system maintenance.Use files should record the starting and ending time (date) of each operation of the system, types of tests, and environmental temperature. In case of system failure, fault phenomena should be described in as much detail as possible, and the contents of system maintenance and repair should also be recorded in as much detail as possible.
3. If the system of the walk-in test chamber is shut down for a long time, the effective service life of the system will be affected.Therefore, the system should be started and run at least once every 10 days. Do not repeatedly stop the system in a short period of time. Start the system less than 5 times per hour,each start and stop time, the interval is not less than 3 minutes.And do not open the door of the walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber at low temperature to prevent damage to the sealing belt of the door.
4. The main box of the walk-in laboratory should be protected from strong impact of sharp or blunt instruments.
5. The main power switch (leakage short-circuit breaker) should be tested ON/OFF once a month to ensure that the switch can be used as a leakage short-circuit protector under load capacity.
6. Residual current circuit breaker leakage, overload, short circuit protection features by the factory setting,in the use of process do not adjust at will,so as not to affect performance.After the leakage switch is disconnected due to short circuit, the contact shall be checked. If the main contact is seriously burnt or has pits,it shall be repaired.
7. To ensure the normal and clean supply of cooling water, the cooling water filter of the refrigerator should be cleaned every 30 days.If the local air quality of the cooling water tower of the primary water supply is poor and the dust content in the air is high, the cooling water tower reservoir should be cleaned about 7 days.
8. The sample placed in the walk-in test chamber should be kept at a certain distance from the suction and exhaust vents of the air conditioning channel to avoid interfering with the air flow.
9. Once a year, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the distribution room and water loop room.Once a month, use a dry cloth to sop up the ponding in the water tray of the refrigerating unit.
10. Action test of over-temperature protector.Set the temperature of the over-temperature protector to lower than the temperature of the test chamber, if E0.0 alarm and buzzer sound occur, it means that its function is normal.After the above test, the setting value of temperature protection should be set properly again, otherwise improper suspension may be caused.
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