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Salt spray test chamber five major system installation requirements

salt spray test tank water supply system installation
1. water quality requirements: industrial water or tap water with filter (filtered water pH between 6.5 ~ 7.2) or pure water (mineral water contains minerals can not be used)
2. pressure requirements: water pressure is 1 to 3 kg to ensure the normal water supply.
3. Interface requirements: The water supply port of the equipment needs to be connected by a hose and fixed with a sealing ring to prevent leakage.
The salt spray test chamber power supply system requirements
1.power requirements: single-phase AC 220V 50Hz
2. Current requirement: Max 15 A
3.protection requirements: need to install an independent leakage protection switch
Salt spray test chamber air intake system installation
1. Pressure requirements: air compressor or air supply pipe pressure ≥ 3 kg, and dry and clean.
2.Interface requirements: equipment using quick connectors for easy disassemble  and maintenance.
3. Time requirement: the equipment must be supplied for a long time without interruption during normal operation.
Salt spray test chamber exhaust system requirements
1. Material requirements: PVC polythene material must be used (corrosion resistant)
2. Interface requirements: the equipment exhaust port should be connected by a hard tube, sealed with a sealant to prevent air leakage.
3. Drilling requirements: the equipment is natural exhaust, the wall opening height needs to be slightly higher than the exhaust hole to ensure that the gas flows back to the laboratory after condensation.
Salt spray test chamber drainage system installation
1. Drilling requirements: the equipment is natural drainage without pressure, the wall opening height needs to be lower than the drainage outlet to ensure the drainage works normally.
2. Interface requirements: the equipment outlet should be connected by hose or pipe, use a sealing ring to prevent leakage.
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