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Matters needing attention in the operation of salt spray test chamber

The salt spray test chamber can assess the ability of the product and its protective layer to resist salt spray corrosion,
as well as the process quality of similar protectivlayers,and at the same time assess the resistance of certain
products to salt spray corrosion.  
what should be paid attention to during the operation of the salt spray test chamber?
1. The spray should not be interrupted during the specified test period. The salt spray box can only be opened when a short-term test sample is required on site and the brine in the tank must be replenished and cannot be replenished from outside the tank.
2. For the test of the predetermined period, the inspection may be arranged according to the period, but the surface of the sample shall not be damaged during the test, and the unpacking time required to check and record any observable changes shall be as short as possible.
3. If the end point of the test is dependent on the presence of the initial corrosion point, the sample should be inspected frequently. For this reason, these samples should not be tested with other samples with other predetermined test cycles.
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