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Method for placing samples in salt spray test chamber

The salt spray test of the salt spray test chamber is mainly for metal products, from small parts such as screw nuts to the entire metal object, the volume and size are uneven. The placement of different items is also very particular. The salt spray test box sample holders are: round rods, V-shaped sample holders and cabinets.
The specific placements are as follows:
First, the salt spray test box round bar sample placement.
The round bar is made of stainless steel and is coated with PVC. If it is a sheet-like sample, we can test it on a round bar. For the small part test, we can use a nylon rope to hang it on a round bar for testing.
Second, the salt spray test box V-shaped sample holder sample placement.
The V-shaped sample holder is made of PP plate and can be used for tilt test of 15°30°. Place the test sample on the V-shaped sample holder, tilt it at 15° to the round bar, and remove a round bar to 30°. The customer can adjust it according to the requirements.
Third, the bottom of the salt spray test chamber.
If the test sample is large and the weight exceeds 15KG, it can be directly placed on the bottom test. However, due to the water at the bottom of the test chamber, a stake or PVC plate should be placed on the bottom to weld the corrosion-resistant bracket.
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