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UV aging test chamber is affected by environmental factors

1. The temperature inside the chamber:
During the irradiation phase or the stop-light phase, the test procedures specified in the temperature of the tank shall be controlled. The relevant specifications shall be specified according to the intended use of the equipment or components.
2. Air flow speed:
In addition to affecting the temperature rise of the sample, the velocity of the gas flow close to the surface of the sample first causes a significant error in the open thermopile that monitors the radiation intensity.
Secondly, in the natural environment, the probability of occurrence of strong solar radiation and special conditions with zero wind speed is small. Therefore, when it is necessary to evaluate the influence of different wind speeds on samples such as equipment or components, specific requirements should be specified.
3. Surface contamination:
Dust and other surface contaminants will seriously change the absorption characteristics of the surface of the irradiated object, and ensure the cleanliness of the sample during the test.
4. Humidity:
The photochemical degradation effects of various materials, coatings and other materials under different humidity conditions are quite different, and the requirements for humidity conditions are also different. The specific humidity conditions are clearly defined by relevant regulations.
5. Ozone and other polluting gases:
Ozone generated by the short-wave ultraviolet radiation of the light source, because ozone and other polluting gases may affect the deterioration process of certain materials, unless the relevant regulations specify that these harmful gases are discharged out of the chamber.
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