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System composition and daily maintenance of the whole vehicle rain test chamber

The whole vehicle rain test box is mainly composed of a swing tube system, a pressure system, a water circulation system and a control system.
1. The outer casing of the test chamber is A4 plate, and the inner liner is a 1.2mm SUS304 anti-corrosion stainless steel wire drawing plate to ensure the appearance texture and cleanliness, please clean and maintain regularly..
2. With a large area of visual observation window.
3. The turntable and the boom motor lenpure often choose imported famous brand, and the speed can be adjusted according to the user's needs. DO as a good security protection is necessary.
4. Pump which providing a pressurized test water source.
5. The chamber equipped  with a water flow metering.
6. Swing tube swing:It works through Panasonic servo control & Panasonic motor.
The vehicle rain test box is mainly used for electrical and electronic products, lamps, electric cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their parts and components, under the simulated rain and environmental conditions, the physical and other related properties of the products.
Test to determine whether the product meets the design requirements, the daily maintenance of the whole vehicle rain test box should be operated in accordance with relevant standards and regulations.
After the test, the studio should be cleaned as necessary, the studio should be rinsed with clean pure water, the surface of the cabinet should be wiped with a soft cloth, and the door should be closed after drying naturally.
Clean the power distribution cabinet and switchboard once a month. (Note: When doing this, please turn off the power to avoid short circuit or electric shock).
The water system is cleaned after the test.
Clean the surface of the vehicle rain test box every week to slow down the aging of the equipment.
If abnormal noise is emitted during the operation, please stop the inspection and wait until the fault is resolved before restarting, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment.
The transmission must be refueled regularly and the gear unit must be cleaned with oil.
After the equipment is in place, the support frame should be propped up to prevent the casters from being displaced by vibration during the test.
Long-term operation, if it is found that the water spray hole is blocked, the pipeline must be removed, rinsed with tap water and then assembled (or with a needle).
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