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Maintenance of UV aging test chamber

The UV aging test chamber is a precision test instrument. The outer material of the chamber is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which not only increases the appearance texture but also increases the cleanliness. The inner chamber material is made of imported stainless steel, which uses the advantage of stainless steel.
It is "high temperature resistance, rust prevention", etc. This kind of equipment is heated by the "inner tank type" when heated during the test. This heating method "not only heats up quickly but also has a uniform temperature distribution".
As for the maintenance and maintenance, I believe that there are some people know is not very comprehensive, now I will share some methods with you about the maintenance the equipment.
1. After installing the equipment, pay attention to: Maintain sufficient maintenance space between the UV aging test chamber and adjacent walls or other equipment.
2. The ambient temperature of the installation site cannot be changed drastically.
3. The equipment should be kept dry under non-working conditions; drain the water after running and dry the studio and the cabinet.
4. Place the equipment in a well ventilated area (recommended to install a ventilation fan to keep the room ventilated).
5. Prohibit the chemical from contacting the equipment (away from combustibles and explosives).
6. The waste water discharge system of the equipment must be fully installed.
8. Remove the sample after each test and clean the equipment liner.
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