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Maintenance method of spray nozzles for parts of salt spray test chamber

The salt spray test chamber produces salt spray. The key is that the test solution is sprayed through a nozzle under a certain pressure of compressed air. The quality of the nozzle directly affects the success or failure of the test.
When manufacturing the nozzle, the nozzle aperture, bending angle, etc. are strictly controlled to ensure that the standard salt spray can be produced. In practical applications, the nozzle is often blocked and broken, which affects the normal test.
For this reason, I will introduce some small tricks below to better protect the nozzle of the salt spray test chamber.
1) For the installation of the oil-water separator, it should be avoided to bring the water vapor and oil in the air together when the air is compressed. At the same time, it is brought into the wall of the nozzle, and the pore diameter of the nozzle is relatively small, so whether the impurities in the water or the attached oil will affect the salt spray.
2) The spray pressure of the nozzle of the salt spray test chamber should not be set too large. Normally, it should be between 0.07 mp to 0.17 mp. The nozzle may be broken if the pressure is too high.
3) Avoid impact. When installing or using the nozzle or clogging the nozzle, pay attention to the principle of handling it gently. Excessive force may cause damage to the nozzle.
4) In the salt spray test, distilled water or deionized water must be used to reduce impurities in the water, that is, to reduce the probability of nozzle clogging.
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