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UV weathering machine penetrability factor

The UV weathering tester accelerates the weathering test of the material by simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the weather resistance of the material.
The UV aging test chamber has an ultraviolet wavelength range of 290 nm to 400 nm. Is the UV wavelength unaffected in various environments, and will the penetration performance be reduced?
The factors affecting the UV penetration of the UV aging tester include:
(1) Ultraviolet UV has poor penetrating power and can be affected by dust particles and humidity. If there are many dust particles in the air, the sterilization efficiency will decrease; the relative humidity will increase, and the sterilization efficiency will also decrease.
(2) The penetrating power of ultraviolet UV in liquid can decrease with the increase of liquid depth, and the influence of impurities in water on penetrating force is greater. Dissolved salts, sugars and various organic substances can reduce ultraviolet uv. Penetration.
(3) Penetration of solid materials, some visible light can pass through, but ultraviolet UV is impenetrable, such as glass, paste window paper, polyvinyl chloride film, dust, etc. which can block the transmission of ultraviolet UV.
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