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The Development Tendency of Environmental Test Chamber

Since the 1960s, in order to fulfill the research and production requirement of weapons, airplane, artificial satellite, train and automobile, China produce many kinds of the environmental test chamber. A dozen years past, we establish some environmental simulating device that reaches international advanced level but with our own characteristics, which introduce the progress of China aerospace and military modernization.
In the 1980s, part of the power company starts to realize the importance of environmental simulation test device when producing civil objects, gradually develop some state-owned and private test chamber manufacturer that provides a device to those powerful and conscious company to use.
On 11th, Dec 2001, China becomes 1 member of WTO. Join WTO, the most important rule is: Any products should make severe simulation environment test. To be clear is: Your product must be able to use in the hot Middle East, and also could in the cold Northern Europe. Any product of our Country, any kind of environment, this chamber could use normally.
So under this situation, many manufacturer type enterprises, in order to get the order, they purchased environment test chamber, but part of company didn’t apply very appropriate, just as the ornament in the lab to show that their company have this kind of testing device, which derives some manufacturer that do low-quality testing machine. The final result is very sad. We could take an example; there is an advertising board in Red Square of Moscow: Don’t buy the product made in China.
At present, the domestic market is towards a good move. Many years past, in all professions and trades, the company that didn’t treat reliability test seriously, finally are eliminated, new company gets a good lesson from it. The company who provides low price and low-quality testing chamber to the market also get the same elimination destiny.
Which gives us a conclusion: The Company that complies with the social and market development, and improve the product quality continuously could develop and strengthen.