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Daily maintenance of test chamber

Constant temperature and humidity chamber after a period of use, maybe will occur failure or instability due to the daily maintenance lacking or incorrect operational. So the use of the process in accordance with the relevant provisions of the maintenance, otherwise there will be some common over-temperature, overpressure and overload alarm problems, may also lead to ice and the water cannot normal circulation and so on.
In order to avoid the occurrence of this failure ,  should be done in accordance with the provisions of the following:
  • First, should regularly check the dry filter whether aging, if aging, it should be replaced in time or else will lose the dry suction function should be icing phenomenon;

  • Second, the use of high-purity refrigerants should be used, if the refrigerant too much water will cause the accumulation of ice blocking situation;

  • Third, the need for regular inspection and maintenance of its humidifier within the water, should be replaced once a month to ensure the cleanliness of water quality, the humidification water tray should be cleaned once a month to ensure the smooth flow of water.
On the constant temperature and humidity test chamber before the occurrence of each fault inspection and maintenance processing are required to do a good job in advance to work in accordance with the relevant provisions of the operation of the test box every key.