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Cooperate with Intertek

Recently, Linpin signed with the well-known third-party testing agency Intertek Group, for the Intertek Group to provide light aging testing equipment. Including full sunshine spectrum test xenon lamp weathering test chamber (Model: LRHS-190F-SN) and 290nm ~ 400nm Wavelength of the UV weather resistant chamber (Model: LRHS-NZY).  Previously, Linpin had cooperated many times with the national electronic information products testing center, Guangzhou radio and television measurement testing, SGS, Zunyi quality inspection, Donghua test center, Rhine test center, spectrum test institute and others testing institutions.
Intertek is the world's leading comprehensive quality assurance service organization. With more than 1,000 laboratories and offices in more than 100 countries and more than 42,000 professionals, Intertek is committed to providing comprehensive quality assurance services Concept redefine the industry. We are able to create innovative and customized protection, testing, inspection and certification solutions that exceed the traditional quality control and provide a full range of security for our customers' operations and supply chains.