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According to ASTM G85-11 Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing.
What is the difference between them and LENPURE Standard Salt Spray Test Chamber?
Below are Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber structure requirements:
1. Atomization: at least two clean fog collectors within the exposure zone so that no drops of solution from the test specimens or any other source can be collected.
2. Test Specimens Holder
2.1.Unless otherwise specified, support or suspend the specimens between 6 and 45 °from the vertical.
2.2. Minimum spacing between specimens: 30mm
3. Testing
3.1. A1.Acetic Acid-Salt Spray (Fog) Testing
Nothing special chamber structure requirements.
3.2. Cyclic Acidified Salt Fog Testing
A Purge system was required for 2H dry-air purge process.
‘A2.3.4 Purge-Purging of the fog atmosphere immediately after spraying is the most unique feature of this test. Dry all droplets of water on the specimens and dry the corrosion products so that they are of a white,rather than a damp gray appearance.Perform this by electrically switching the air-flow to bypass the saturator tower and aspirator nozzle and allowing it to enter directly into the test chamber for 120 min at an angle that sweeps the fog out of the peaked lid of the cabinet.This reduces the relative humidity from 40 to 7%,depending on the climatic conditions of the ambient air.After purging,the specimens remain in the closed cabinet until the next spray cycle.Since most testing requires a wet bottom,the humidity gradually increases from 65 to 95% during this period.’---From ASTM G85-11
3.3. A3.Acidified Synthetic Sea Water (Fog) Testing
Nothing special chamber structure requirements.
3.4. A4 Salt / SO2,Spray (Fog ) Testing 
A SO2 gas system is required to introduce SO2 gas directly into the chamber periodically.
Based at SO2 gas system,lead to chamber connected parts resistant to SO2 gas.
3.5. A5 Dilute Electrolyte Cyclic Fog / Dry Test
Requires independent control between Salt fog spray system and heating system 
Purging system and heating system assistance is required by dry off process.