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Constant temperature and humidity of the various technical indicators of the introduction

    Purchase constant temperature and humidity box should be fully aware of some of its important performance indicators. Such as temperature range, temperature uniformity, temperature fluctuation, temperature variable rate, temperature deviation and so on. These performance indicators are the basis for judging the equipment, this chapter by you for details of this series of performance indicators, I hope to help you choose:
      1.The temperature range
      Temperature range refers to the studio can withstand and can reach the limit temperature. Usually contain the concept of constant control, should be relatively long stable operation of the extreme value. The general temperature range includes extreme high temperature and ultimate low temperature.
      2.Temperature uniformity
      Temperature uniformity, also known as temperature and temperature uniformity. Is an important indicator of the core technology of the product. Is the maximum value of the difference between the mean values of any two points in the workspace at any time interval after the temperature is stabilized.
      3. The temperature fluctuation
      Temperature fluctuation is the control technology of this indicator. Refers to the difference between the highest and lowest temperatures at any point in the workspace after a given time interval, at any given time after the control temperature is stabilized. There is a small difference here, "the work space is not" studio, is about the studio to get away from the wall side of the 110 side of a long empty
      4. The temperature deviation
      After the temperature is stable, the difference between the average of the center temperature of the working space of the constant temperature and humidity box and the temperature average of the other points in the working space is obtained at any time interval.
      More than four points, is the procurement of constant temperature and humidity in the selection of important technical indicators. Xiaobian suggested buyers here for the equipment selection can not be too hasty, hastily trouble. You can consult more than a few, do more contrast, selected to the desirable equipment.