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Large Walk-in Chambers Noise-test Solutions

Since the Industrial Revolution, the creation and use of various kinds of machinery and equipment have brought prosperity and progress to mankind, but at the same time, they have produced more and more noises. At present, China's large walk-in chambers’ control of noise is not very good, but there are some ways to reduce the noise.
1. Choose high-quality components to improve the quality of machinery and assembly accuracy, in order to reduce mechanical vibration and friction noise.
2. The choice of compressor brand quality is very important, not only for a good compressor with long low noise life.
3. To take the compressor plus noise enclosures or noise mats and shock-absorbing bracket.
4. Transform the production process of tall walk-in laboratories, the choice of low-noise parts.
Anyone who interferes with the rest, study and work of people, that is, unwanted voice, collectively referred to as noise. Do you know about ways to reduce noise in a large walk-in chamber? As the test chamber always emits very loud noise during the test, causing customers dissatisfaction, we all know that the impact of noise on people is very large. Adding a few or tens of decibels a little is very annoying to people thing.