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Batteries Frozen to ‘Death’ in Cold Winter

In Northeast China, this winter is so cold that people find their phones’ batteries are so easy to be frozen to power off!

Today Lenpure is glad to explain how come it happens.

According to a brand mobile phone sales staff, most phones are now using lithium batteries, and the standard lithium battery operating temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, but in fact when the ambient temperature is about 0 ℃ or the temperature plummeted the case may be Will be "frozen without electricity", mainly because the temperature is too low lead to the battery discharge decreased, continue to power down until automatically shut down, not the power consumption.

In addition, the automatic shutdown is a low temperature protection set by the manufacturer for the mobile phone. When the temperature is too high, it also protects itself.

Therefore, it is generally not necessary to worry that the mobile phone is not broken, but the self-protection is shut down. Back to the right environment, it will work again, rarely cause damage to the battery.

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