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Facility Preparation

Without our suggestion, you have no idea how, and where to leave the space for the new chamber.However, for example, we have no idea how long pipe will need without the room distance and arrange a location.
In order to figure it out, we suggest steps as below:
Firstly, let us know where and how you are going to place the machine, including floors, in the same room or separate room, etc.
Secondly, providing your preliminary and simple sketch of room location, dimension, a distance between each other, door location etc. without considering the space left for the chamber.
Thirdly, we will amend based on this sketch, providing much more details for your facility design.
After that discuss between us, adjust the sketch again if it is necessary.
At last, confirm the facility details, facility construction & chamber production carry out simultaneously, to save time.
Anything else, please contact sales@lenpure.com