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How to operation the rain test chamber

Key words: rain test chamber;rain test equipment;IP rating;IPX5 and IPX6 Testing


In order to standardize the operation of the instrument, ensure the quality of components and finished products, prolong the service life of the instrument and ensure the safety of the test.

Pre-test preparation

  • Check that the water level in the test chamber meets the requirements
  • The "periodic or continuous" choice of toggle switches is first placed in a vacant position
  • Fasten the test specimen to the turntable in the chamber and close the door
  • Turn on the power as required

Operating steps  

  • Set test time, turn on the power switch
  • Swing pipe period selection continuous, no need to set the time, dial to the continuous position, slowly set the swing pipe and turntable speed to the required speed
  • Swing pipe period selection cyclical, It is necessary to set the appropriate time to set the switch to the periodic position, and slowly set the swing pipe and the turntable speed to the required speed
  • At the end of the test, the speed is reduced to zero, and then the swing switch is adjusted to neutral.
  • Press the power button switch and turn off the power
  • Clean the inside and outside of the chamber, keep the equipment clean and clean. For a long time without testing, clean and scrub the water, drying and close the door

Matters needing attention in use

  • Please do not open the door, otherwise, it may cause: high-pressure water out of the box, very dangerous
  • Please note that the test box must be safely and reliably grounded to avoid electrostatically
  • If you heard some abnormal sound, please stop it and checking,  find out the problem and re-boot after solving it, so as not to affect the service life of the chamber.
  • The equipment runs for a long time. If the nozzle is blocked, the pipe should be removed, rinsed with water and then installed.
  • Do not use it for a long time, please keep the chamber dry, drain out the water in the chamber, drying and close the door.