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Technical specification of box type rain test equipment

Product description:Lenpure box type rain test equipment is meet the waterproofing grade IPX3 and IPX4, and It is based on GB/T5170.20-2005,GB/T2423.38-2005 and GB4208-2008/IEC60529:2001 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures(IP Code) 
  • Model/ SPEC/ Performance
  • Chamber structure
Internal Material: SUS304 Advanced stainless steel plate 
External Material: Electrostatic spraying of cold-rolled steel plate
  • Rain Spray Cyclic System
1、Shower nozzles are made of high grade stainless steel or copper products, evenly distributed at the top of the rain test box with aerosol spray; heavy rainfall sprinklers are distributed around the test box, The spray direction is adjustable. The large and small sprinkler switch changes the waterway by switching the solenoid valve control. The large and small rainfall sprinkler lines have Flowmeter to show the rainfall size.
2、The backwater section of the spray pipe is provided with a filter to filter out impurities
3、Dehumidifier: stainless steel and aluminum-plastic pipes for pipes.
  • Control System
It installed on the right side of the laboratory for easy operation, adopts the original imported frequency converter to display the current speed and set speed, the speed can be adjusted