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Preparation work before starting Salt Fog Test Box

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The correct operate of salt corrosion test chamber is helpful to effectively prolong equipment lifetime and ensure the correct test data. You need to do preparatory work to ensure that the test can be carried out properly before test of salt spray test chamber.

1、Check the water pipe connection among water tank and spraying device of work room is well or not? Add prepared salt solution (5% concentration) to the tank. At the bottom of the work room, distilled water or deionized water is added to the tank at the bottom of the chamber to prevent the body from cracking and aging.

2、The water seal groove at the upper part of chamber shall be added with appropriate amount of distilled water or deionized water. Not too full and not too lower. It is optimum conditions of water and salt fog shall not overflow when closed the chamber cover.

3、Add distilled water or deionized water to stainless steel saturated barrel, please opens outlet valve and saturator water valve before adding water to reach 4/5 level of saturated barrel. And close outlet valve and saturator water valve when added to the specified water level. As a result of long-term test, water evaporation consumption of saturator, when the water level is reduced to 2/5, water should be replenished in time to prevent the heating pipe from burning empty and damaging the saturator and internal heating elements due to lack of water.

4、Check the fogging condition at the rear of the chamber; whether the air pipe falls off , the outlet is open to the sewer,the pipe is blocked . so as not to affect the discharge of salt mist

5、Check air source and saturated barrel connector tube, whether the air pipe and sprayer connector tube falls off to prevent gas overflow or insufficient gas supply

6、Open the chamber cover,place the sample correctly on the stand in the studio (10 from the surrounding chamber wall), Keep an appropriate distance between the sample and the sample the surface area of the sample exposed to > 98, and then close the chamber cover.

7、Placed the funnel to the chamber,checking whether the connection pipe between the funnel and the mist collector is smooth and intact , and can not influence the collection of salt spray settlement .

The salt spray test machine should be prepared one by one according to the above seven points before starting. In addation, please noted that do not add the salt water to saturated barrel, otherwise, Otherwise,otherwise the saturated barrel will rust and can not be used normally.

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