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Rapid Decompression Test Chambers

 Meets testing requirements for RTCA DO-160

LENPURE rapid decompression test chambers (also called altitude chambers) are designed to simulate rapid decompression condition for testing aircraft avionics.
LENPURE rapid decompression test chambers (also called altitude chambers) meets the environmental conditions and test procedures for airborne equipment referenced in the RTCA DO-160 test specification. The DO-160 specification was designed to test sudden pressure changes starting from 8,000 feet to 60,000 feet (536 to 55 Torr)  in 15 seconds. An altitude of 8,000 feet (536 Torr) was used for the initial cabin altitude and 60,000 feet was used for the final cabin altitude after decompression. This test specification is used to identify failures of materials inside of the cabin and the reaction to the surrounding environment.

Rapid decompression test chambers are custom-designed altitude chambers that utilize a large vacuum pump along with various control valves operated by programmable controller. Control mechanisms insure minimal overshoot during rapid evacuation and tight control after stabilization at any altitude set point within the full-specified range. 
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