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Aging Test ----UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber

1. Function:
Fluorescence UV lamp was used as the light source to simulate the weathering resistance of the material by simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in the natural sunlight to obtain the weather resistance of the material. It can simulate the natural climate in the ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark and other environmental conditions, by reproduce these conditions, combined with a cycle, and let it automatically complete the number of cycles.
2. Technical Specification:
Temperature Range: RT+10℃~70℃ 
Humidity Range:≥95%
Temperature Fluctuation:≥0.5℃ 
Distance between lamp Tube:70mm
Distance between sample and lamp tube:50mm
UV Wavelength:290~400nm UV-A、UV-B、UV-C(please noted before place an order)
Simulation Condensation: Condensation system time is Adjustable
Irradiance Range:0.72w/m2
Light power:4.0kw
Temperature Controller:Import LED Touch Screen PID+SSR Microcomputer integrated control
Time Controller: Import Programmable Time Computer Integrated Controller
Illumination Heating System: Fully independent system, titanium alloy heating components
Condensation Humidification System: Stainless steel shallow surface evaporative humidifier
Blackboard Temperature: Bimetallic blackboard thermometer
Supply Water System: Humidification water supply with automatic control
Exposure Method: Moisture condensation exposure, Illumination Irradiation exposure 
Safety Protection: Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water, over-current protection multiple security protection 
3. Advantage of Our LINPIN Brand
1). The Exterior Material of UV weather resistant test chamber with CNC machine tool processing, modeling nice, case cover for the two-way clamshell, easy to operate, There is a cover power protection function 
2). The Interior Material adopt Import Mirror Stainless Steel- SUS#304, The Exterior Material adopt A3 Steel board with powder coated, Increased the appearance of UV aging test chamber texture and cleanliness.
3). Humidifying Way: Shallow water bath with tank sink heating, heating up fast, uniform temperature distribution. 
4). Drain System using back vortex and U-type deposition device drainage, user-friendly cleaning.
5). Adopt black aluminum plate connected to the temperature sensor, blackboard temperature control instrument heating, the temperature is more stable.  
6). Radiometer probe using a fixed, no need for each loading and unloading.
7). The amount of radiation used in high-precision display and measurement of special ultraviolet radiation meter. 
8). Illumination and condensation can be independently controlled by alternating cycle control.