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Introduction of High and low temperature testing machine

High and low temperature testing machine is used to simulate the artificial environment of high temperature or high humidity, but in the actual production it is more recognized and widely used, but if the material or product related to the inspection or corrosive test, and In the artificial conditions below, at least to wait a few years or even longer, high and low temperature testing machine born just to people to form a convenient, speed up people to check the performance of the product time, and high temperature similar to the nature of this oven In the high temperature box temperature exceeds the room temperature, there will certainly be cost savings, will ask: high and low temperature testing machine can replace the high temperature box?
1. you need to test the temperature range (when buying a test box, many people have to test the temperature required by the larger range, set aside to facilitate the use of later)
2. the weight of the test sample is how much
3. the size of the studio (the standard is better than you try something 3/1)
4. whether the controller configuration requires programming instrument or general instrument
5. encountered in the detection of this area can ask the local can also require the production side of the national qualification, the relative inspection and measurement procedures.
6. as the price you need to communicate with the manufacturer to determine
7. high and low temperature test machine high temperature general limit of 150 ℃, if the test chamber temperature is lower than it can, otherwise it can not be replaced.
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