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The Key to Spraying System of Salt Spray Chamber

Linpin Slat spray test chamber could evaluate the anti-corrosion ability of material, material layer and some products, and could make a comparison of the production techniques and quality of similar layer and products.
The most critical spray system of Salt spray test chamber is equipped with a compressed air supply, saltwater tank and plurality of sprayers, and they don't react with the salt solution.
The internal spray system of salt spray chamber
1. The use of tower sprayer (spire height adjustable), guided salt spray, fine fog particles, natural fall-out, nozzle no salt crystallization. Salt fog fall-out rate is adjustable.
2. Spray gas will be two-stage voltage regulator, Meanwhile, the oil filter and gas humidification preheat
3. saltwater storage will be built-in hidden and large storage capacity, saltwater re-equipped with warm-up function
4. Saltwater fog is equipped with quartz saltwater filter element, to prevent nozzle blockage and stop the test
5. Air pressure: 0.2-0.1Mpa, spray pressure: 0.05-0.17Mpa
6. Spray mode: continuous, intermittent spray is adjustable.
7. All pipes are thickened fluorosilicone rubber tube for Salt spray test chamber
Spray system using tower spray, the height can be adjusted, after using the spray device, it should enter the sprayer of compressed air must remove impurities. Generate some oil and dust and other impurities in the internal. In the case of need to adjust the spray pressure, it should be adjusted to meet 1-2ml / 80cm2 h. For the salt spray test chamber, the spray device is the core, whether the Spraying is the smooth of the salt spray test chamber, It should be used before according to the standard to adjustment and need to clean after use.