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What You Will do When Meeting Over Pressure Inside Chamber


1.Make sure whether the ambient temperature of the customer company is too high, whether there is air conditioning or whether the ventilation is normal. It is recommended to control the normal ambient temperature within 5℃~ 28℃;
2.Press down “RESET” button of the overheating protector
3.The air-cooled condenser is used for a long time so that there is much-accumulated dirt on the condenser. Please clean up the dust on the condenser. there is filth blockage for the water-cooled condenser, or the filth blockage for the Y-type filter in the water loop, please clean up Y-filter.
4.The condenser fan is damaged and can’t run. The possible causes may be the damaged fan or the damaged capacitor of the single-phase fan, please inspect and confirm it, and then replace it.
5.If there is leakage of the primary R404A refrigerant, it may cause the high-pressure tripping of the second-stage R23 refrigerant.