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Constant climatic test chamber’s humidity cannot rise up

 Many customers are in the reaction of constant climatic test chamber in the use of the process, the humidity always cannot rise, There are many of reasons,
1.Humidifier power input: If there is no power or the humidifier is bad there is no change in humidity;
2.Whether have gauze on the sensor, use hand to holding the sensor to see if there is no change in the value of the instrument, if not that the sensor is broken, this case is not showing the humidity;
3.Humidifier power problem: If the constant temperature and humidity chamber size and humidifier power is small, will cause the humidifier humidification was slow, may not be obvious display;
4.If the instrument is broken, there will be no humidity display.
In addition, the humidification tube was broken, the water level switch was broken, the contactor was broken, the cooling capacity is too strong and so on are caused by the constant temperature and humidity chamber cannot increase the humidity of the reasons, the specific situation we have to see The equipment itself is the case!