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The using of high and low temperature test chamber

 In the daily life, the using of temperature test chamber is more and more constant. How to use it safely. Our engineer to answer this question for you: 
1. Before testing, we should put the sample correctly. If the testing place is the environmental of ventilation, the sample should be put into the laboratory bottle or in-closed room, which could guarantee the correctness of the temperature and humidity when testing. 
2. When making test, first, we should read the user manual in detail. Second, we should be familiar with the technical performance of the test machine. Finally, we should be familiar with the sample performance, test program/condition and test technology. The factors combined together to avoid causing the un-normal operation by operating unsuccessfully, and finally to affect the test data. 
3. After testing, must clear the machine by professional clearing device, and to reach the heat dissipation of the device, but the advance is that the machine should be in ventilation. 
Before purchasing the high low temperature test chamber, please choose the high low temperature test chamber accordingly the size of test specimen, take the biggest size of the sample as a reference, then can guarantee a reasonable proportion of the test sample and test chamber.