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Knowledge of high and low temperature test chamber

The existing environmental factors and the types of environmental factors that exist in the surface and atmospheric space of the earth can not be estimated. Among them, there are no more than ten factors that affect the use and test life of the ring test equipment. In fact, engineers working in the ring test industry will be the existence of nature and human activities induced by the environmental conditions is also finishing a series of test standards and norms, to guide the engineering products, environmental and reliability testing. Therefore, we choose the ring test equipment such as: high and low temperature test chamber is mainly based on engineering products, test specifications and test standards.

In fact, a high and low temperature test chamber may be used for multiple tests of the same type of product, and a test product may also be tested in different ring test equipment, in order to ensure that the same product in the same test specification specified by the environmental test The comparability of the test results obtained under the conditions requires that the environmental conditions provided by the environmental test equipment be reproducible.

Because the high and low temperature test chamber provided by the environmental conditions of repeatability by the national measurement and verification departments in accordance with the national technical supervision agencies to develop the verification procedures to provide qualified after the test. To this end, environmental testing equipment must be required to meet the technical requirements of the test procedures and accuracy requirements, and the use of time does not exceed the time limit specified in the test cycle.

In addition to the use of very common electric vibrating table in addition to meet the excitation force, frequency range, load capacity and other technical indicators, but also must meet the requirements of the provisions of the transverse vibration ratio, mesa acceleration uniformity, harmonic distortion and other precision indicators , And after each test after the use of two years, more than two years must be re-qualified before they can be put into use.