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Temperature & humidity & Vibration integrated test chambers

Temperature & humidity & Vibration test chambers is Combined with temperature, humidity,vibration function in one,It is appropriate for aerospace,automotive,electronics electronic products, all kinds of electronic vitality, It can be used to test and determine the parameters and performance in a complex harsh environment  
Control system :
1. In order to meet the requirements of test chamber on temperature decrease rate and lowest temperature, the test chamber's refrigeration system introduces the cascade refrigeration system composed of imported compressor, and boasts such advantages as reasonable matching, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance and so on.
2.The interface between the test chamber and the vibration table must ensure that the vibration table has good mechanical transmission characteristics while ensuring cold, heat and air tightness.
3.UNIQUE (Japan) temperature and humidity controller 7''HD true color LCD touch display to bring you dignity and comfort in touch and vision.Real-time monitoring (Monitor the real-time data of the controller, status of signalpoint and actual output status).The controller has a USB port so that the data can be browsed or printed through ITAG printer under drive of the port (optional).
4.Temperature and humidity / vibration composite test chamber, also known as three comprehensive test chamber(Temperature & humidity & Vibration integrated test chambers). This product is non-standard products,if you have special requirements, please don’t hesitate contact to us ,and all the following  technical specification of  Temperature & humidity & Vibration integrated test chambers is just for reference 
Reference standard of temperature & humidity & Vibration integrated test chambers
GB/T2423.1-2008                  GB/T2423.2-2008
GB/T2423.3-2006                  GB/T2423.10-2008
GB/T2423.102-2008                JJG190-97   
Technical specification:
Temperature Range:-40℃~150℃
Humidity Range:40~98%RH
Temperature uniformity:±2℃ (Based on no load)
Temperature fluctuation:±0.5℃(Based on no load)
Humidity fluctuation:±2%
Temperature deviation:±2℃
Humidity deviation:±2%
Heating up time:-20℃~120℃≤1H
Cooling down time:RT to -20℃≤45M (Based on no load)
Time setting range:1~9999H
Sine wave:2.94kN(300 kgf)
Frequency range:5-2000HZ
Maximum acceleration:980m/s2(100g)
Maximum speed:1.1 m/s
Maximal Shift:25mmp-p
Effective mass of the moving element:2.7kg
Maximum load:120 kg
Platform size:150mm
Vibration Direction:vertical up-and-down movement