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The environmental requirements for High and low temperature test chamber

With the development of the industry with the pollution of the earth more and more serious, environmental protection has become an important issue of global concern, and to prevent the destruction of the atmospheric ozone layer and global warming, but also attracted worldwide attention, and The ring test industry is to simulate the various natural weather, so that the measured sample to perceive the environment to predict life, usually have customers mentioned your high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity chamber is environmentally friendly, your Ozone aging test chamber how to remove ozone, UV aging test chamber of the UV is filtered, sulfur dioxide test chamber emissions meet the ISO14000 environmental certification requirements, etc., test chamber manufacturing industry is also facing a problem that has to pay attention to is " Environmental protection ".
In the low temperature test chamber manufacturing, refrigeration and air conditioning in the field of CFCS and HCFCS on the destruction of the atmospheric ozone layer and energy consumption caused by global warming, are in the design of the box should pay great attention to the problem, we all know, the choice of refrigerant is One of the many factors that should be of great importance in the design of refrigeration units is that in order to develop new compressors using alternative refrigerants, the designer first encounters two problems:
First, the compressor must re-delineate the size of its working volume to accommodate the requirements of different flow pressures;
Second, the compatibility between the various materials in contact with the refrigerant in the compressor, such as synthetic rubber and lubricating oil, must be addressed.