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Requirements of Temperature and humidity test chamber refrigerant

Chemical properties,no Poison, no irritating smell,no corrosion of the refrigerator material,no occur chemical action with lubricating oil,high temperature will not break down, there is no risk of fire and steaming.
Thermodynamic properties,the evaporation temperature of the saturation pressure should not be too low,  and the condensing temperature of the pressure should not be too high,the solidification temperature should be lower,The critical temperature be higher and it is better higher than the ambient temperature
Thermophysical properties,the characteristics is relatively small of proportion ,viscosity and capacity of the vapor , relatively large of thermal conductivity and gasification bog heat. In addition,Refrigerants is permeability of weak without contain moisture and mechanical impurities.For centrifugal Refrigerants should be required small gas constant large molecular weight.
The refrigerant is very important to this series of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, And Via our effort and study experience of environmental testing equipment, in constant temperature and humidity chamber, We would like to use R404 refrigerant for main compressor and R23 refrigerant for auxiliary Compressor .