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Caster Fixation and Installation of LINPIN Test Chambers

After unpacking the packing box, you should fix and install the equipment. When installing, you should make sure all sizes conform to the requirements of the installation space so as to guarantee enough space for maintenance and opening the door. 
As for the initial installation, the equipment should be placed on a level ground and the chamber should be aligned well horizontally. If the test chamber does not remain level during running in the test, it may cause running failure. 
The caster of the test chamber should be installed at the bottom of the chamber’s four corners and the adjustment methods of four corners are shown as follows: 
1.Lift turn plate 
2.Fixed base 
3.Movable roller 
A. Moving the test chamber: when you rotate the lift turnplate clockwise, the fixed base will move up and leave the ground, while the movable roller moves down and when the roller lands on the ground, you can easily move the equipment to any desired location. 
B. Fixing the test chamber: After the chamber is moved to the desired location, adjust the lift turnplate in anti-clockwise direction to lower the turnplate and lift the movable roller until the fixed base contacts the ground so as to keep the chamber basically fixed. And then inspect whether the chamber is in level with a level gauge. Besides, you can adjust the heights of all parts of the chamber with the lift turnplate and when the lift turnplates of all parts reach the appropriate location and stop rotating, check and make sure that the test chamber is in level.