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Thermal shock chamber cooling water tower fault solution

Thermal shock chamber is commonly used to test customer products so that it instantly through extremely hot or cold continuous environment to the extent that it can in a shorter period of time to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes or Unreasonable damage.
Hot and cold temperature shock chamber is widely used,the cooling method is air-cooled or water-cooled (water-cooled cooling to be installed outdoors cooling towers). Cooling towers referred to as "water tower" in the entire operation of an important part of the process. In the process of temperature and operating speed of the wind are required to use the components, However,in this respect, if there is a fault ,how to eliminate the problem and find out the reason.please see below:
1) When the temperature of the cooling water increases, the air volume is uneven. When the air is circulated again and the cooling material blocks the water pipe, the better way is to improve the ventilation environment and then eliminate thermal blockage area, clear dirt and algae.
2)The fan needs to be reinstalled if the fan is not properly installed during noise and vibration. When the water droplets splashed excessively, the spray pipe swirling too fast, the cooling material will be blocked, if the water filter fails, then you should adjust the angle of the spray pipe to eliminate the blockage of the cooling material, and then replace the water Device.
3)When the motor is overloaded, the voltage drop may be too low, check the power and adjust. Water tower failure caused by the influence of experimental work, so the integrity of the parts used at each step before the test and the problems are minimized. Which can make the test results more reliable and accurate.