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Key words: Solar Panel Test, Solar Panel/Product Testing chambers,Solar Module Test and Solar Product Testers (IEC 61215、IEC 61646 )

Solar Panel Test Chamber (PV Module Testing Equipment is used for testing solar panel's resistance of nature weather. Solar Panel is exposed into the nature, so test chamber is needed to test its performance. Environmental testing has become a integral step in product development and design.
The aim of this test is to examine the suitability and service life of solar panels for their future use when subjected to temperature, humidity, light etc. the 3 types of tests performed determine the properties of the solar panels
Specially designed Solar Panel Testing chambers meeting the IEC requirements for:
Temperature test or thermal cycle test: requires temperature cycling between -40oC to 85oC and cycle testing
Humidity freezing tests:Cycling between hot/humid 85°C/85%RH and subfreezing -40°C ten times, with extended soaks at 85/85.
Damp tests: A long term, 1,000 hour, test at 85°C/85%. 
3.Institutes and Laboratories
4.Materials and Substances
5.Renewable Energy(Solar Panel)
Lenpure has been producing standard sizes of chambers based on the requirements of the Solar Industry as well as custom built chambers to meet unique customer sizes and specifications. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us (021-34096999 / sales@lenpure.com)