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IP Testing

Ingress Protection (IP) is critical for automotive, electronic, lighting products. IP ratings are required per IEC/EN 60598-2-3 for all roadway and street applications.
Degrees of protection against solid objects
IP0X Non-protected
IP1X 50mm diameter and greater
IP2X 12.55mm diameter and greater
IP3X 2.5mm diameter and greater
IP4X 1.0mm diameter and greater
IP5X Dust-protected
IP6X Dust-tight
Degrees of protection against water
IPX0 Non-protected
IPX1 Vertically falling water drops
IPX2 Vertically falling water drops with enclosure tilted
IPX3 Spraying water
IPX4 Splashing water
IPX5 Water jets
IPX6 Powerful water jets
IPX7 Temporary immersion
IPX8 Continuous immersion
IP5X & IP6X, they are combined in one LENPURE sand dust test chamber 
Normally, IPX1 & IPX2, IPX3 & IPX4, IPX5 & IPX6,IPX7 & IPX8, each two of them, are combined in one LENPURE rain test chamber 
If your application need them all to combined in on chamber ,please refer to special designed rain test chamber from IPX1 to IPX6. IPX7 & IPX8 will be separated due to their test requirements.