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Lenpure® Technical parameter of Thermal shock test chamber introduction

Hot and cold temperature shock test chamber according to test requirements and test standards are divided into three boxes and two boxes, the difference is that the test mode and internal structure is different. Two boxes are divided into high temperature zone and low temperature zone, is driven by the motor basket to achieve high and low temperature switching,the test specimen is placed in the basket follow the basket to move.

Three boxes are divided into cold storage, hot storage and test zone, the test specimen is placed in the test zone. 
Lenpure® Programmable Thermal Shock Test Chambers give the maximum durability and performance for your most demanding test requirements. It is the necessary test equipment for aviation, Aerospace, automotive, electronics, military and solar panel industry etc.It can be used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic products and materials in the most extreme temperature and humidity conditions.
Shock temperature Range: A:-40℃~150℃; B:-55℃~150℃ ; C:-65℃~150℃ D:Changeable as per your requirement
Temperature in High Temp. Zone:50~180℃; 
Temperature in Low Temp. Zone:RT~-70℃(Note: The specific temperature is depends on your Shock Temperature Range
Temperature recovery time:≤5min
(It means when you lift the basket from low Temp. zone  to the high Temp. zone. The basket(specimen) temperature won't be same as the high temp. zone temperature immediately.The basket (specimen) temperature need a few minutes to reach high Temp. zone  temperature, and this time is the temperature recovery time.)
Basket change time:≤15s 
(It means from High Temp. Zone to Low Temp. Zone Temperature Change Time. In fact, we can make under 15/10S.
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