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The composition of spray device in Cyclic Salt Spray Test Chamber

Spray air source: The compressed air is purified by deoiling and entering the saturator with distilled water whose temperature is several degrees higher than the temperature in the chamber. The pressure of the clean and wet air source is controlled within the range of 70~170Kpa(0.7~1.7kgf/cm2) through the pressure control valve.
Spray chamber: It consists of a sprayer, a salt sink, and a baffle. The number of spray towers is determined by the size of the test area. The baffle prevents salt spray from being sprayed directly on the sample. The position of nozzle and baffle has an influence on the distribution of salt spray of cyclic salt spray test chamber
Saltwater tank: Supply of saltwater equipment for test spray.
Note: Adjust the spray pressure, the saturator water temperature and the position of the baffle so that the salt spray concentration of cyclic salt spray test chamber and the concentration of sodium chloride reaches the salt spray sedimentation speed. After spraying for 24 h, For 1 ~ 2ml / h, sodium chloride concentration is 50 ± 10g / L, pH value is 3.1 to 3.3 provisions.