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Notices for LENPURE Environment Chamber Operation

In operation, please don't open the door unless it is absolutely necessary, otherwise that may cause the following negative consequences:
A.High-temperature airflow may rush out of the box-very dangerous!
B.The inner side of the chamber door is still kept at high temperature-it may cause scald.
C.High-temperature air may trigger the fire alarm to cause the malfunction.
Please make sure the environment chamber door is closed and there is no air leakage when the equipment is running; please pay attention to the internal temperature of the environment chamber in order to avoid scald or frostbite before opening the door.
Don’t repeat to start/stop the refrigerating unit within 15 minutes.
The circuit breaker and the overheating protector provide the safety protection for operators and the testing products with this machine, therefore, please take a regular inspection for them and make sure whether the leakage protection switch is normal.
All the samples should be placed in an equal spacing to ensure there is an effective space in the workroom.
After the completion of the test, don't open the workroom door immediately to guard against the impact of cold air, hot airflow against the operators. If you need to take out the test samples immediately, please wear the heat insulating gloves in order to avoid scald or frostbite.
After finishing the test work, if the test chamber is not used, be sure to turn off the main power switch in case of lightning stroke or other accidents.